Crazy Experience by Momina Allawala

In a city often referred to as the city of lights, it is still remarkably difficult for Karachiites to find exciting,
adventurous outlets, especially if the excitement of bombs and target killing is not your cup of tea.
While coffee hangouts and restaurant soirees are fun, sometimes a little something out of the ordinary
goes a long way in rejuvenating oneself.

The Divers Reef Snorkelling Day trips offer just that. A group of 12 of us decided to avail of the
opportunity provided by Divers Reef to go snorkelling. The morning of the trip started with a drive to
Boat Basin to have nashta. The halwa puri and tea we had from the local restaurant, was a perfect wake
me up for the exciting day to follow. After enjoying our breakfast, we set out towards Mubarek Village.

On reaching Mubarek village we climbed on to the boat which was to take us towards Churna Island.
The boat ride itself was wonderful. The cool breeze provided excellent respite from the sweltering heat
of summers and the boat ride gave our group an opportunity to chitchat. We reached our destination
after around twenty minutes. The water near Churna Island was clear blue and looked inviting! We wore
our snorkelling gear provided by Divers Reef and jumped into the water. Even those who did not know
how to swim got into the water with their life jackets.

The water was amazing. The clarity was great for snorkelling and we were soon able to see schools of
fishes of different colours swimming beneath the surface of the water. The shallow coral reefs were
beautiful and we found abundance of marine life around them. The Divers Reef instructors who went
with us were extremely helpful and attentive. They were buzzing around us helping anyone who needed
help with their equipment and explaining how to use the snorkels and equalize the ears under the
water. They also had special underwater cameras to take pictures of the day (I looked straight out of
something from the Avatar in mine!)

After swimming, snorkeling and splashing for a while in the sea we all swam over to the nearby Churna
Island to explore the island. It was a bit of a hike to the top of the Island but it was worth it! The
view from the top of the island was spectacular- the vast sea stretched below us as it glistened in the
afternoon sunlight. We climbed back down towards the cave on the island where we sat down to have
our lunch. The Divers Reef Team had brought with them biryani and drinks to satisfy the hunger and
thirst. After all the snorkeling, swimming and trekking on the island we were ravenous and the food
was happily devoured. We sat on the rocks and laughed and enjoyed our self while relishing our biryani.
Sitting on the rocks, near the open waters, one could not help appreciate the serenity of the moment.
The day was proving to be a perfect day out with friends.

As we headed back to the boat to return back to the city, I could not help but feel happy and content
about the day I had. The Divers Reef Snorkeling trip had been an affordable and fun way to spend a
day off. The trip had provided a much needed respite from the mundane and ordinary. The day had
promised to be exciting and the Divers Reef Snorkeling trip delivered on its promise to provide an
exciting and fun experience.