Seeking Adventure- Ammar Raza

This was my first trip I have been planning to go there for a year now but because of reason couldn’t make it but this time I decided to come and guess what my child hood school friend from Muscat along with his friends came onboard for the party ……….
The good
It was really easy to get in touch with the guys they had created an easy payment systems for the bookings, after the booking they started coordination with us with the time table schedule rules and a set of instructions of what to expect over there.

Finally the day came of the trip the excitement was there gathered with my group at dha meeting my friends and off we were to the Nashta point the break fast in winter morning along with slight breeze made the hot hot pooris and channa taste even better. after the break fast we all sat on our coasters and were off to the mubarak village .

on the way to mubarak village from hawks bays the land scape is really really beautiful it is the mountains and the cloud presents them selves in a very smooth and subtle manner which really makes you wonder about the beauty of the world.

After reaching mubarak village we were all given life jackets and were given proper instructions on what to do and not to do from their on we moved on to the boats which were waiting for us on to take us on the journey .

The boat took us almost ten kilometers in the sea to island which was a pleasant journey in itself as well we saw a lot of flying fishes , fishermen , sea gulls floating on the sea who were attempting to hunt for their preys and the sky was very radiant complimented by the very poufy clouds and sun. on the boat we were given our snorkeling gear and instructions on how to use them and the crew was kind enough to answer to any queries which we had as well. My first glimpse of the island was pretty amazing as well the island itself is very majestic and standing tall in the middle of no where , finally we reached our destination and the fun began.

We were given a designated area to swim In and the area was marked by the ropes so that no one wonders off and every one knew their boundaries. At first it takes a little time to get use to the water because of the waves and the saltiness the equipment handling also has its learning curve period but once you get use to it you can explore on your own.

The under water life is amazing , it is a color festival down at the bottom of the sea , the patterns , the shapes and the sizes are simply mind boggling , and I am not exaggerating because it really is a whole world down there. Secondly the cliff diving is itself an incredibly waking experience after jumping from the cliff and coming out from the water I felt like I was born again because while mid air I was scared to death and after coming from the water I FELT SO MUCH ALIVVEE. the tour also consist of exploring the caves which are really old and landscaping is very nice.
By the way DRK guys had underwater cameras and seriously they captured every one underwater and put them on face book etc and its really fun to watch these pictures and the comments our acquaintances give when they see them specially the cliff diving once really make you a HERO in others eyes


To be honest If you know swimming you would be at an advantage than those don’t know , but that’s not the worst part , the JELLY STINGER FISH, no no this is not the normal jelly fish which we are normally fond of it looks like tiny ROPE but it stings and when in great number they kind off leave marks on you but HEYY ……. No Pain No GAIN. and they are harmless honestly one or two stings than you get use to it than it does not even bother you,
I have heard from people who have travelled before me that they didn’t get to cliff jump and that is because of the low water level so for the groups own safety they don’t allow you to cliff jump, also sometimes because of the high water levels the groups don’t get to go to caves because they are filled with water



You need to have an ADVENTURE SPIRIT to enjoy the this experience because if you are a complainer you may not be able to enjoy it , but for fellas with high spirits you are going to enjoy it love it and want go back again an again like me just cant wait to go there next time around before the season end , because the place relaxes and amazes you at the same time.
I understand that you guys try to provide us the best service and fun filled time , but lots of things are not under your control like the water level and the Sting jelly fishes , BUT I had a 5 star experience . love you DIVERS REEF KARACHI