Adrenaline stimulator by Kamil Orlowski

‘And remember, if you do not want to do it, if you are not sure, just do not do it, it is not necessary for you!’ – this is what I remember the last from the boat at the beginning of long awaited day trip with Diver Reef Karachi. After that sentence I got to know, this day will be extraordinary, it will be something what I was looking for. The day for adventurous as me, who are trying to explore and experience as much as possible. I wasn’t suppose I could find this type of activities here, in Karachi, in Pakistan. It was a big surprise for me to spend day, which can raise the level of adrenaline to such an extent.

When I reached destination with my friends, by strange, but fancy boat with rakish captain, we started preparing ourselves to first action. It was cliff jumping! I was excited about that, I’ve never tried this before. I saw this only at youtube. It seemed easy and simple, just climb the devilishly slippery cliff from the Arabic Sea, stand on the frightening edge and jump into the endless space between top of cliff and far far away surface of water… When that moment, which I had to do it, came, I felt how my pulse immediately increase. I was looking on my friends faces, but it wasn’t helping me, they were looking more scared than me! Whatever, I came there to jump, not to think how my friends look like. I stood on the edge, closed my eyes, took deep breath, I felt cool wind, I knew that, it was that time, right time to jump, I was ready… I opened my eyes, took a look ahead and ‘no way! I’m not going to jump!’. I was scared like a chicken. And in that moment I heard instructor Khizar: ‘Juuummp !’. Yeah, sure, what else? – I thought. Where is now that sentence about ‘not necessary to do it’? I took few more breaths and finally, I jumped,

I was feeling like an eagle, I was feeling as I’m coming back to my motherland, Poland with current of air. But when I saw the pictures from my jump I wasn’t looking like eagle, but still like a scared chicken, which is trying to bear egg. A long flight for me ended, fortunately, smoothly in warm Arabic Sea. I was feeling great after that, of course I did it few times more. It was amazing activities. But it was only first thing of this day. I was emotionally exhausted, but nevertheless I had to do another great things.

Next activities, which was maybe a little bit calmer than first one, was knee-boarding, such a new sport for me! On the face on it, seems difficult to do. Board, bar, buoyancy jacket, salty water, sequence of getting on the board and the speed boat, which was not planned attraction for everyone. Too much things to remember. But it was only appearances. When I was in water, I felt as I know it, but it was my first clashes with this sport even.After all day with knee-board I can say with certain it is easy to learn sport which can provide a lot of fun in the water. Also for people who never tried another water sports. I think everyone might like it. Instructors can adjust speed and maneuverability to each person. Of course I prefer rough ride with big waves and a lot of curves, and I got it, sometimes too much… When I had this pleasure to close encounter with water, even that it was still a lot of fun.

It was a long day with Divers Reef Karachi, I hope, someday I will come again to spend more time doing water sports around Karachi. It is really big advantage of this city, to has this type of entertainment almost for everyone, who would like to try something different, something other than daily routine.