About Us

We started of as a group of average joes in Iqra University. The only thing we had in common was the ultimate passion for unlimited adventure and here we are today as walking ambassadors of Diver Reef Karachi. This group had a lot of versatile talent such as doctors, pro swimmers, campers, troubleshooters and rugged individuals. Despite of such overall fragmented interests, we had one common interest which made us a successful team of aggressive youngsters.

Khizar Rashid was introduced to snorkeling by one of his acquaintances at a shore known as BHIT KORRI. This shore is North-East of Mubarak Village.
He eventually shared his experience with us and we made a plan to hop into the ride. In search for better marine life and coral reef, we eventually crashed at churna Island, right opposite to mubarak village and approximately 50 minutes local boat ride, from Bhit Korri. We dug the whole Island making discoveries, exploring marine life, shooting videos, taking underwater pictures, diving off the cliffs , reaching depths of the ocean and all the wacky things we could come up with beyond snorkeling. We used to have lunch on board and breakfast on our way to Mubarak village, which used to be our loading point. Eventually, due to our different backgrounds, our group enlarged and eventually organizers started feeling that this needs to be managed and our efforts need to be cashed upon.

Farhan Farooq took the initiative of implementing it as a business idea, by making efforts to convince Junaid Rahim & Khizar Rashid for the execution of this idea. It was the beginning of an idea so unique in Pakistan that even we were some what scared to execute it as a prospective business. Eventually, Khizar Rashid & Farhan Farooq, started putting in effort initially to make this thing work out as a business idea. Junaid Rahim joined in as a business support initially helping them at every stage of the development and eventually entered the partnership a month after coming into business operations. Divers Reef Karachi grew tremendously over the period of months. All our efforts were being put in building up a better view of Pakistan. Keeping that in mind, DRK also does not allow littering into the sea. In this time of misery and despair, our mission was to project the overwhelming beauty of Pakistan rather than focusing on the negative. We believe that positivism is the key to hope and hope suppresses negativity.

What we offer?

Churna Island is a gifted marine park where we have all sorts of fishes from Dolphins, Sea urchins, Barracudas, Hound fish, Marlin, Angel fish, Turtles, Parrot fish, Sea Anemones, Jelly fish, Puffer fish and things that are just beyond the word “Beautiful”. Besides the marine life, we also have birds of various species and we have witnessed them diving into the sea for hunting fish numerous times during our boat ride. Amazingly, we have also sighted a flying fish near Churna Island.
Our basic idea is to provide a reasonable cost entertainment package which includes a full day activity. All bookings and correspondence is usually done via emails.Our package includes breakfast, lunch, snorkeling equipment, Life Jackets, safety instructions & underwater photography. Knowing how to swim is not a prerequisite for snorkeling as we provide life jackets. One just needs to be easy going with the water. In our first season, 2011-2012, we have managed to give some of the best experiences to our customers. Most of the DRK’s customers were non-swimmers but due to our commitment and passion for customer satisfaction and a better Pakistan, DRK has become the market leader in the relevant industry.

We would like to continue this struggle for success in the near future and build up a better package for our valued customers. We welcome people to Pakistan from all around the globe to experience Pakistan because there is more to Pakistan then what people have generally accepted in their respective societies.

We would like to thank all the Divers Reef Karachi members and supporters from the bottom of our heart. It would not have been possible without the great team that we already have.

The joy of utilizing a resource of your nation is inferior to the joy of making your nation resourceful.

Article By:
Junaid Rahim

Meet Our Team


Managing Partner

Swimming is my sport and I have a profound love towards the sea. I always wanted to join the Navy particularly because of its connection with the sea, I couldn’t join the navy but here I am today the part owner of Divers Reef Karachi…

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Part Owner

I have an undergraduate degree from IQRA University and I am the part owner of Divers Reef Karachi. I am also currently employed as a Business Development Manager at a renowned packaging company and was the swimming Sindh open champion for six consecutive years…

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Well I am a person who will help anyone anywhere and at anytime. If I am unable to do so, I apologize in any case. I like to go on adventures be it Camping, off-roading, hiking, Trekking, Snorkeling, Cycling, Etc…

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What is Divers Reef Karachi?

Divers Reef Karachi is group of friends formed in 2009 in search for new challenges, adventures and ideas which will focus on the notion, “Out-of-the-box”. Divers Reef Karachi is more than just a business oriented association. It is rather a team of individuals trying to change the shape of the society by enlightening people with what we have in hand and how we need to develop in order to have a sense of the nation’s pride. Divers Reef Karachi has conquered numerous Dive sites in Pakistan including most renowned ones such as ASTOLA ISLAND.

This has been DRK’s open secret of a successful organization & team work in having a chain of thrilled and satisfied customers. We intend to strictly adhere to these principles to provide better services and value addition to our valued customers.

We operate on the following four, SCAR, principles:

  • Safety

  • Conduct

  • Adventure

  • Retention